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AMSilk is the world´s first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers manufactured by a patented biotechnological process. Silkbeads and Silkgel are two innovative, vegan products for personal care applications, inspired by natural silk proteins. The functional silk proteins display a broad range of uses such as breathable skin protection and fixation of substances. Silkgel forms a protective breathable film on the skin, which shields from environmental influences, small molecules and bacteria.

Silkgel supports the interplay of active ingredients forming a persistent „performance-complex“. Silkbeads provide an optical correction of wrinkles, known as soft-focus effect, and can be perfectly used in anti-aging products or makeup. Balancing properties harmonize young skin.

Silkbeads (100% Silk)                                                                       

  • Smooth micro-particles
  • Slightly negatively charged
  • Dispersible but not soluble in water and oil

Silkgel with 3% Silk (semi-finished product)

  • Miscible with aqueous as well as oil-based formulations
  • Sprayable and shear-thinning
  • Different preservatives upon request

Unique Features - Silkbeads

Added values for your personal care products

Unique Features - Silkgel

Added values for your personal care products

Application Technology & Development

Experienced, competent and unique. Future oriented innovative solutions are developed in the company's own laboratory. Our products are inspired by market trends, complex requirements and customer needs. All product claims are based on scientific evidence and are proven in user tests, in-vivo and in-vitro studies. 

---Scientific development - Essential tool for the product of the future--- 

Please contact us for formulation guidelines, dosage recommendations and documents here.


Scientific development - Essential tool for the product of the future

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Breathable Nail Polish on the Basis of a New Blend:
A Complex of Water-based Polymer and Functional Vegan Silk


Efficient Hair Protection - the Multi-functional Silk Polypeptide as New and Promising Strategy against Pollution


Prevention of Biofilm Formation 
with Vegan Silk Polypeptides


Gentle Protection from 
Bloodsuckers - Icaridin/Saltidin 
and Vegan Silk


Efficient Skin Protection 
Against Negative 
Environmental Influences 
by Breathable, Vegan Silk


Breathable Shield Against Irritants - 
Effective Protection for Stressed Skin with Functional Silk Polypeptides


RAHN AG combines a modern and attractive product portfolio consisting of high-quality specialties with established know-how and supports their customers in developing successful cosmetic concepts. In the following regions distributes RAHN AG the AMSilk products: Austria, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Germany, Great Britain, France, Monaco, Poland and Switzerland.

BIOCHIM supplies ingredients in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries since 60 years, and supports their customers with technical knowledge, marketing concepts and customized solutions. BIOCHIM distributes AMSilk’s cosmetic ingredients in Italy.

DKSHis a leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies planning to expand their business. In June 2014 DKSH Group acquired the top-ranking speciality chemicals distributor ZEUS QUIMICA, S.A.. Under the company name DKSH Marketing Services Spain, S.A.U., the distribution activities of chemicals for various applications including cosmetic ingredients for personal care products such as skin care, hair care, color cosmetics and oral care will be further expanded in Spain and Portugal.


HANJOO is a leading distributor of cosmetic ingredients in Korea. A qualified technical staff ensures the best customer service including formulation support. HANJOO provides AMSilk’s high performance material for skin care, hair care and make up in South Korea.


Production process of Silkbeads and Silkgel is completely free of animal derived materials

Registered by The Vegan Society


Today environmental influences such as pollution and irritants affect our skin. Therefore, the skin has to be protected. Especially consumers in big cities are increasingly demanding cosmetics for skin protection.

„AMSilk provides vegan, innovative silk biopolymers which protect skin from environmental impacts. By using SILKGEL, a breathable film occurs like a second skin. Protection you can feel!“

Lothar Rasthofer, former director at BASF SE / presently SEPAWA e.V. Executive

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